Your Sneak Peek of the Just Peachy Hair Experience!

February 20, 2024

Step Inside Your New favourite Salon

When you walk into Just Peachy Hair, be ready for your expectations to be blown out of the park. We’re all about good vibes and smiles from the moment you walk in. Think your besties’ warm welcome, but make it salon-style. You won’t just find a team of seriously skilled stylists here, we’re your beauty cheerleaders, all set to make your day.

We’ve Got All The Perks (Did Someone Say Free Wi-Fi & Iced coffee?)

We want to be your one-stop-shop for all things hair and chill. While you get your hair done, feel free to take full advantage of our free Wi-Fi to catch up on the ‘gram or reply to those work emails (or not). And hey, don’t forget to grab a frothy, delish cappuccino with our famous homemade biscuits. So sit back, relax, it’s all about being ‘just peachy’ here!

Hair Goals? Oh, We’ve Got You, Girl!

At Just Peachy Hair, we’re crazy about all things hair. Our passion-fueled stylists don’t just get you; they’re always on top of the latest hair trends and techniques. They’ve got the magic hands to transform all your Pinterest hair vision boards into reality. From a quick cut to those sun-kissed balayage waves, we’re on it!

Chill. Unwind. Rinse. Repeat.

Our salon isn’t just a salon – being located in a loft apartment style shop in the heart of Claremont it’s a tranquil haven for you to breathe in, breathe out and shine. With a good tunes playlist that’s perfect for daydreaming and a hint of stress-busting aroma in the air, we’re your ideal bubble of calm in the whirlwind that is adulting.

Ready for a salon that gets you? We can’t wait to meet you! Join us at Just Peachy Hair, where your hair goals meet top-notch comfort. It’s more than a salon; it’s your happy place! So come on in, relax and let us take care of the rest. We’ll glam you up and have you strutting outta here like it’s your personal runway. Say hello to your ‘just peachy’ day!

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