Blonde Hair Specialists in Claremont, Cape Town

Are you in search of the perfect Blonde Hair Specialist in Claremont, Cape Town? Look no further! At Just Peachy Hair Salon, we understand that achieving the perfect shade of Blonde requires a specialized skill, precision and a deep understanding of your unique needs.

Why Choose Us as Your Blonde Hair Specialists?

Expertise: Our team of skilled & suitably qualified hairstylists specialise in creating stunning blonde hair that compliments your personality and style. Whether you’re looking for a classic Honey Blonde, Platinum Perfection or anything in between, we have the knowledge, experience and confidence to make it happen.

Quality Products:

Blond Hair Specialists at Just Peachy Hair believe in using only the most suitable and professional hair care products to assist in achieving your desired hair goals. Products like Kevin Murphy, Olaplex and K18 help your stylist ensure that your Blonde Hair not only looks amazing, but also remains healthy and vibrant long after your service at the Salon.

Personalised Consultation:

We understand that no two clients are the same. We encourage you to bring photos of your desired look so we can discuss your hair goals, assess your current hair condition and recommend the most suitable shade of Blonde for you.

The Setting:

We believe in creating the perfect environment in which our clients can easily relax, unwind and enjoy the full experience offered at Just Peachy Hair. We also understand that time is valuable and whether it is catching up on work, browsing the internet or possibly streaming your favourite show while getting your hair done, our complimentary in-salon WiFi will help keep you connected if you need or desire. We have delicious coffee and tea in the salon for you to enjoy during your service with us and should you feel the need for a bite to eat, there is a lovely coffee shop downstairs from the salon where you can order a delicious snack to be delivered to the salon.

Sitting back, staying connected and making the most of your time with us could not be made any more enjoyable.

Blonde Hair Care:

Our commitment to our clients’ hair needs don’t end in the salon chair. We’ll provide you with expert advice on maintaining your Blonde hair at home, including necessary product recommendations and hair care tips to keep your hair looking and feeling amazing.

If you are not quite sure about what look you are after or what your budget would allow? Book a free 15-minute consultation with one of our qualified hair specialists and let them help you guide though the possibilities of your hair and the processes involved in achieving the fantastic results we have come to be known for.

Schedule your appointment with Just Peachy today and let us help you achieve the hair of your dreams.

After all – life is only Peachy when your hair is perfect!

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