Winter Hair Care Tips

May 17, 2024

Feeling the Winter Hair Blues Already?

As the winter season sets in, taking care of your hair becomes even more essential. The cold weather can be harsh on your hair, leading to dryness, frizz, and other issues. In this post, we’ll explore some effective tips and tweaks to your hair care routine to help you maintain luscious locks throughout winter.

Color Maintenance in Winter:

For us hairstylists, winter is generally a quieter time. Clients tend to space out their appointments a bit more, there are fewer weddings, events, and functions to attend, and frankly, we all just hibernate with a top knot and PJs over the weekend. 😉

It’s that top knot I want to start with because in winter, we wear polo necks and scarves, leading us to tie our hair up more often. This may not seem like a big deal, but choose your hair tie wisely! Tension on your hair can cause serious breakage, especially if it has been highlighted. We recommend silk scrunchies or Invisibobbles; anything with a tight elastic and a piece of metal in it is a no-go!

Winter is also a good time to give your hair a small break from bleaching. Introducing our ‘’Winter Touch-Up’’ menu, available from June through the end of August. This menu offers small touch-up services that are friendly for your hair and wallet.

Think of the 10 Foils Balayage Touch-Up, where we strategically place 10 foils of blonde to help you through the winter season without looking completely grown out. Keep an eye on our socials; by the end of May, we will upload this Winter menu onto our story highlights and load it onto the online booking platform. These services will be combined with a hydrating and restoring Kevin Murphy treatment to ensure your hair gets all the moisture and strength it needs to come out in full glory for summer!

Should You Change Your Hair Care Products During Winter?

Even though we have a very mild winter in Cape Town, we do believe there are a few reasons to change your haircare routine and products during winter:

Product Overload:

When using the same products for long periods, your hair gets overloaded with the same ingredients. Therefore, after a while, you will feel that the WOW factor you got from your products in the beginning will fade away. Time to change things up! Chat to your stylist about what would be a good replacement; maybe your needs and wishes have changed.

Frizz Control:

The Cape Town rain brings frizzy hair. While in summer we look for UV protectors and hydration after swimming, in winter, we fight the frizz. This could mean you end up using more heat styling, blow-drying your hair instead of letting it air dry, and flat ironing to combat the frizz. It’s essential to always use good heat protectors. We also recommend adding a leave-in conditioner to your routine. A winter favourite at Just Peachy is the Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Leave-In Treatment. Packed with delicious ingredients like mango, shea, and murumuru butter, this amazing product helps smooth your hair, boosts hydration, eliminates frizz, and has a built-in heat protector! A win-win product in our peachy opinion. 🎉

Winter doesn’t have to be a time of hair dullness. By making a few adjustments to your hair care routine and product selection, you can keep your hair healthy, hydrated, and looking its best despite the cold weather. Remember to give your hair some extra love and attention during these chilly months, and you’ll be rewarded with luscious locks year-round.

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