Eco-Friendly Hair Care Revolution: How Just Peachy is Leading the Charge

February 21, 2024

Making a Positive Impact – One Hair Strand at a Time

At Just Peachy, we believe in offering hair beauty solutions that are not only great for you but also kind to our planet. We marvel at the magic of transforming hair, but we love creating that magic in a responsible and sustainable way even more. That’s why we’re totally committed to using eco-friendly and high-quality products, weaving environmental friendliness into our salon’s DNA.

Kevin Murphy – Where Luxury Meets Sustainability

A firm believer in ‘Beauty without Compromise’, we trust in Kevin Murphy’s range of hair products. Revolutionizing the hair care industry, Kevin Murphy’s ammonia-free color is a game-changer, offering breathtaking results minus any harsh chemicals. This love for hair and the planet doesn’t stop at their formulas, it extends to their packaging too. By crafting their product bottles from Ocean Waste Plastic, Kevin Murphy takes their pledge to environmental responsibility to heart, a philosophy that resonates deeply with us at Just Peachy.Embracing

Sustainable Practices in Every Way

It’s not just about what goes on our shelves; it’s also about how we run our shop day in, day out. Have you seen the green bin by our downstairs entrance? We jump in full throttle with a weekly recycling program, ensuring that every piece of plastic, cardboard, and tin foil we use is set for a second life and does not contribute to landfill waste. At Just Peachy, we stand for beautiful hair without harming the environment.

Innovative and Sustainable Styling – The Future of Salons

At Just Peachy, we’re all in for creating a beautiful, sustainable future. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good about ourselves and the thoughtful choices we make. Our commitment extends beyond the salon’s doors. We aim to inspire our clients to love their hair and planet equally, taking the eco-friendly ethos home with our curated range of sustainable products.

There’s no doubt that being eco-friendly and glam are not mutually exclusive – at Just Peachy, we promise you both. By choosing stunning hair makeovers that respect the planet, we’re setting the bar for the future of hair care. So why not join us on this green journey? Let’s redefine the norms together, one eco-friendly hairdo at a time. Welcome to the Just Peachy Hair Salon, where beauty and planet thrive hand in hand. We couldn’t be happier to have you with us!

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