Client Success Story – Just Peachy Hair Salon

March 20, 2024

Hello! You recently had a transformation done at Just Peachy, would you mind sharing a bit more about your experience?

I just had the best experience. Though slightly nervous about the idea I had in mind, as I haven’t had a long bob since 2019, my stylist immediately put me at ease and I was excited for my new look! Being at the salon is a 10/10 experience. The attention to detail, the friendly staff, the girl power environment, just everything about Just Peachy made my experience amazing.

Did you have any worries before your transformation and how did your stylist address them? 

I’ve been going to Just Peachy for just over a year now so I wasn’t worried about the colouring process (I always stick to a balayage), however, I was worried about getting my haircut to the length that I had asked for. My hair is curly and becomes very frizzy in the Middle Eastern climate in which I live, therefore, after I was expecting Dora the Explorer vibes after my first wash. This being said, my stylist reassured me that she would cut my hair in a way which would help my curls form without making them feel heavy, and upon my request, recommended a fantastic shampoo (Eleven Australia Smooth Me Now Anti Frizz), a mask to use instead of a conditioner (Eleven Miracle Hair Mask), and the most amazing leave in conditioner to help keep my curls feeling hydrated and soft (Kevin Murphy Killer Twirls). I have stuck to this regime, have not needed to blow dry/straighten my hair at all, and my biggest fear (Dora the Explorer) has not come to life! My cut is versatile in that I can straighten it when I want to, but am super happy and confident with my curls!

Tell us some more about your Peachy stylist, who She was, why you booked with Her and how confident you are in booking with Her again?

I’m a firm believer in that relationships with stylists are key, and that trust is built over time. Yvette has done my hair twice before, however, this time we went for the change of look. I implicitly trust her knowledge and advice, and I know that she will not only bring the image of what I have in my head to life, but also, keep my hair feeling healthy and looking beautiful. I have so much trust in her abilities, that I’ve already booked my next appointment in June.

Take us through your appointment, how did you feel during your time spent in the salon?

I think that when one is used to getting their hair coloured, and one has so much hair like myself, you know that you have to book a few hours off of your day. This might be challenging for some, but I always find myself in such a relaxed state when I am at the salon, so much so, I don’t even notice the time tick by! The cappuccinos and little biscuits are such a treat – and the washes/head massages transport you into another realm of relaxation. Just Peachy is pampering for the mind, hair, and soul!

What was your initial reaction after your makeover was complete? How did you feel?

I was blown away! I felt beautiful again. I hid behind my hair for such a long time – now my face is visible and my hair compliments it! 

What feedback have you received from others about your new look?

I’m a teacher, so I get the hard truths from Middle School students…. They absolutely loved it when they saw me after the break. I’m still receiving compliments from them!

Would you recommend Just Peachy to others looking for a transformation? If so, why? 

Absolutely. Firstly, there is a sense of community within the salon. The team are not only friendly towards each other, they support one another and lean on each other’s experience (every member of this team is a valued member). This in itself makes the salon amazing. Furthermore, the stylists connect with their clients. They care, they communicate, and they make you feel at home. The environment is peaceful and relaxing. The stylists know what they are doing – they will give the most professional advice while making sure your hair is healthy by the end of the session.

If you were to return to Just Peachy for another makeover in the future, is there anything you’d want to do differently?

Nothing at all. I’m obsessed with Just Peachy and can’t wait to go back!

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