Client Experience – Back to Natural Hair

June 24, 2024

Client Experience – From Blonde back to Natural Hair

Hello! You recently had a transformation done at Just Peachy, would you mind sharing a bit more about your experience?

I decided to return to my natural hair colour after being blonde for a while. I knew that I was in good hands as I have been a client for the past 4 years. My journey from dark to blonde started at Just Peachy so it was fitting that my journey back to brunette was at the same place.

Did you have any worries before your transformation and how did your stylist address them?

I was a little worried about how my hair would take the colour of going from very blonde back to brunette. Anne always explains everything thoroughly and she was so excited to be doing the transformation. She listened to what I wanted and made sure I understood what was going to happen and how my hair would react.

Tell us some more about your Peachy stylist, who She was, why you booked with Her and how confident you are in booking with Her again?

Anne is my stylist. I have been going to her for almost 4 years and she had transformed my hair from brunette to blonde. I am never disappointed in my final result. She is such a ray of sunshine and I always feel like she listens to exactly what I want and makes it happen. I will only ever use Anne for my hair.

Take us through your appointment, how did you feel during your time spend in the salon?

I was a little nervous to make such a big change but Anne went through the different options and what we could do to get it to the colour I wanted. The vibe is always fab at the salon and as the appointment went on, I got more excited. After the first toner, I wasn’t quite happy with the final colour and Anne made sure to fix it right away.

What was your initial reaction after your makeover was complete? How did you feel?

I was initially shocked because it was such a change but so happy that I had made the choice because it looked amazing. Anne listened to exactly what I wanted and made it happen.

What feedback have you received from others about your new look?

 My first day back at work with the new hair shocked everyone as they had only ever known me as a blonde. Everyone told me how amazing it looked and they didn’t even recognise me!

 Would you recommend Just Peachy to others looking for a transformation? If so, why?

 Always, 1000%. The attention to detail and training of all the staff is impeccable. I would recommend it just off the head massages during the hair wash! You always leave feeling like everyone really cared about what you wanted and making sure the outcome was perfect.

If you were to return to Just Peachy for another makeover in the future, is there anything you’d want to do differently?

No, not really. I always leave happy with my experience.

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